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"Measuring is knowing"

In search for quality measurement and loking for ways to improve quality?
With Jointell QMS it is possible to collect data from both specialists and patients.
Jointell QMS is a fully custom made application to monitor the results and quality of the medical treatment of patients.
The specialist can record every detail of the patients medical data.
Especially when the longterm results are to be measured, Jointell QMS proves its quality.
Fully automated questionnaires can be sent to the patient on predefined moments in time.
The results are automatically entered in the database for immediate analysis.

For more information look at pages Product, Concept and Demo.
In the pages Industry, Specialist group and Hospital we highlight the different possibilities for each group of users.

When you are interested in how Jointell QMS can improve the quality in your specific situation please contact us.

The Jointell team.


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